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What's not to love about a bone broth! Rich in nutrients with gut healing properties it can be used as the foundation for any soup or as a mug of yummy hot goodness.


You will need a big saucepan (if you're simmering on the stove top) or a slow cooker, a sieve or colander and some glass jars for storage - simply recylce any jars you may already have.




  • 2kg free range chicken wings OR 1 x whole chicken - I recommend having a chat to your butcher 

  • 2-3 x carrots

  • 1 x leek

  • 1 x onion

  • 60ml x apple cider vinegar

  • salt & pepper

  • herbs - any fresh herbs you like

  • filtered water - enough to cover the ingredients once their in the pot​




  1. This step is optional. I like to brown off chicken wings in the oven first. Simply spread them out in a baking tray (you may like to line it with non-bleached baking paper) and cook in 180celcius over for around 20mins.  If you are using a whole chicken, this step is unecessary and the chicken can be placed whole into the base of your pot

  2. roughly chop vegetables and onion into chunks and place into pot

  3. add herbs and seasoning

  4. pout filtered water to cover

  5. add apple cider vinegar

  6. cover with lid

  7. turn on high heat until boil then reduce to simmer

  8. simmer for 4 hours (if histamine is a problem for you) or overnight

  9. remove large pieces 

  10. strain

  11. allow to sit to cool slightly then remove / skim the scum off the top of the broth

  12. carefully pour into glass jars - a funnel can be helpful in avoiding any spillages!

  13. Once cool - or close to room temperature - place jars into the freezer leaving one in the fridge for immediate use (I recommend using within 3 days)



Enjoy x

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