My Story

As a child I was raised on a no-nonsense diet of meat and vegetables. Generally it was whole foods, no sugar and fruit was dessert.


Food was simply to fill the gap and to enable to me to “get down from the table” to move on to do more exciting things. 


Although I was lucky. My Mum didn't believe in fast food; orange juice was considered a luxury (I am the youngest of 4) and I recall 'Creamy Soda' being a Christmas special.

I wouldn’t say I was a passionate food lover. Boiled lollies and fish'n'chips were a rare treat and were only enjoyed after physical activity such as swimming training.

Born and bred in Melbourne, I relocated to Sydney to manage sponsorship activities and events for the Sydney Swans in 1997 and then moved to the ARU (Wallabies).  I then went on to furthering my career in events by managing the installation of some major events up until my first child was born. This is when my life and my career changed direction!

When my children were born, my eyes opened up rapidly to the adverse effects of certain foods.  It's a long story … but eventually (through a lot of persistence) they were diagnosed with food allergies and intolerances.  They both developed crazy, painful, irritated, raw, inflamed eczema.  My younger son also went on to develop asthma (post pneumonia).  

"The thing for me was that I just knew there had to be more to it than simply taking medication long term" 

There had to be a better way to help them at such a critical stage of their development. And so the journey, the re-invention and the awakening began….

Fast forward 13 years, I am now a qualified Naturopath. I spent many years learning about the relevance of food, the environment and the body’s response to it. I immersed myself in the study of plant medicine and grew an appreciation for what generations before me had learnt about attending to the body before modern medicine.

Whilst my sons still have allergies, they tolerate everything and are thriving. Their eczema has completely resolved (and has been since I learnt about all things gut!) and my younger son rarely has asthmatic episodes.  

"I became much more equipped at addressing the root cause rather than simply the symptoms on the surface"

This is but one of the areas that I have enriched my life to help enrich yours and your family. I learnt so much on my journey that I am determined to help others in the same position.  And of course, now I am also focused on helping teenagers become healthy. 

I would like to help you and your family thrive through giving you the tools to navigate your way through the confusing landscape of what it is to be healthy, naturally.

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