Do you struggle with meal planning?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

All my naturopathic treatment plans provide a nutrition framework or guidelines which include and/or exclude certain foods.

So if you're someone who's struggling to meal plan, then THIS tool is for you. It's got load of features to make not only meal planning, but meal shopping so much easier!

As a treatment plan, I use dietary protocols it's for a specific period of time while we rest, heal and restore the function of your digestive system (a reset if you like), Sometimes, however, a nutrition plan is needed to help optimise health long term.

This often provides challenges to not only coming up with new meals but also a new way of selecting and shopping for ingredients. As a naturopath, I tend not to drill down the detail of grams and calories as I prefer instead to encourage a variety of food as a sustainable approach to modern day eating.

It just has to be REAL food.

Many of the families I help to reach optimal health, struggle with coming up with meal planning ideas to suit their dietary needs.

The key is to plan. Plan meals ahead of time. Shop to the meal plan and be prepared. Because leaving it to the last minute or waiting until the masses are hungry (or just you!) can lead to poor food choices and quick sugar fixes as the checkout.....I know you know what I mean!

Grocery shopping is habitual and people will often buy the same brands or items - possibly moving to alternate products due to price drops etc. As such, changing a habit takes time...and motivation.

But its hard! So what's a solution?

As time goes by I have continued to build a library of recipes and resources however, due to the ever changing dietary requirements of my patients offer this fantastic tool!

Real Plans offer an easy 'go to', turnkey solution offering a range options for a range of dietary protocols including;-

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten Free

  • AIP (Auto Immune Protocol)

  • GAPs

  • Keto

  • Vegetarian

Meal planning can be a complex part of family life so this way you get access to the right dietary protocol which just so happens to provide you with a weekly snapshot AND a shopping list. All by the click of a button - amazing!

To reduce my time a energy wondering what to cook for dinner, I download the plan every week and do the grocery shopping in one hit - that way there's no mad scrambles to the shops at the last minute (OK maybe just less of a mad scramble!)

If you give the trial period a go and decide you like it, a monthly subscription is available.

What you should know:

I have not been paid for this recommendation however, should you choose to subscribe via the links provided, I derive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) which means I can spend less time on recipes and more time on individualising your treatment plan.


This is not to be used as medical advice or replace your recommended dietary plan provided by your heath care practitioner. Please refer to terms and conditions regarding third party resources,

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