My Top Ten Tips For Teens

Updated: Jul 7, 2018

Are you the parent of a teenager - or perhaps you are a teenager who wants to get on top of things?

Well this is for you. A simple no nonsense practical list of tips that may just help you thrive - physically, emotionally and energetically.

Start with one or two of these tips and gradually make your way through over the coming weeks. Small steps mean you'll have a greater chance of sustaining them.

1. Wind down for 30minutes before going to be and turning out the lights by 10pm to ensure you get 8hours sleep per night. Teens are NOT getting enough sleep. A recent study found that the more time young people reported spending online, the less sleep they got. Teens who spent 5 hours a day online were 50 percent more likely to not sleep enough than their peers who only spent an hour online each day.

2. Remove electronics from the bedroom as these disrupt the body’s natural signals to sleep. Melatonin a hormone that regulates sleep and wakefulness can be affected and lead to restlessness or broken sleep.

3. Fuel your body with protein and healthy fats to start your day. Processed foods such as cereal are very high in sugar and won’t keep you full for long

4. Get moving - choose enjoyable, outdoor activities to get your body moving. Exercise also helps improve your mood due to associated hormones released when exercising as well as maintain a healthy weight

5. Getting enough Vitamin D is very important in many aspects of health. 10minutes of exposure is all you need every day

6. Hydrate with water – as a teenager, you may need more than 2litres per day if you are exercising, sweating or if it’s a hot summer’s day. Drink sparkling or filtered water to keep your body (and your liver) happy!

7. Build support Your peer group is very important but at times, having a grown up to confide in can be beneficial too. This could be a parent, a family member, school counsellor or coach.

8. Avoid soft drinks and caffeine – soft drinks are laden with sugar which can result in a quick blood sugar high followed quickly by an energy sucking blood sugar crash. Sugar depletes your body of the nutrients it needs to grow. Caffeine might help keep you awake after a lack of sleep but it raises your heart rate, affects your adrenals and can stop you from having a good night’s sleep. Swap out for water, coconut water or a smoothie jam packed with nutrients

9. Connect with nature – reconnecting with the world outside can help elevate mood. Spending time outdoors has been found to promote feelings of wellbeing and restore energy. Switch off your phone, go for a walk, sit under a tree, surf, dip in the ocean, skate, go sailing, try rock climbing – get out of the house and breathe in the fresh air!

10. Play some music – choose uplifting music when down or calm music when stressed; have a dance around or tap your foot to help you find your inner mojo.


This is for information purposes and it not intended to be used as medical advice.

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